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A criminal accusation or conviction is a serious matter that requires immediate and competent legal defense. The Laher Law Firm, in Tupelo, MS, is known for helping people find fairness and justice when they needed representation by a skilled Criminal Defense Attorney. We work with people from all backgrounds who are accused or charged with a variety of criminal offenses. Our belief is that everyone is entitled to the best possible legal advice and representation, and we have the experience with Mississippi courts that is required for the best outcome possible.

Laher Law Firm

The Laher Law Firm serves people from North Mississippi and surrounding area with excellent Criminal Defense legal services. We have won cases for clients who faced accusations or charges of  ID Fraud, DUI & DWI and other criminal offenses. Our record of wins includes many appeals as well, to get charges reduced or eliminated from our client’s criminal record. We understand the impact that having a criminal record brings with a conviction, not only for the immediate time, but also well into the future.

Mississippi Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are convicted of a criminal offense, your entire future and most likely your freedom will be affected. As a Mississippi Criminal Defense Attorney, Mr. Laher uses all his vast knowledge of Mississippi Criminal Law, his extensive experience winning cases in state and federal courtrooms and other resources to benefit clients. You will be treated with respect, dignity and be a priority at the Laher Law Firm.

To learn more about our Criminal Defense services or to ask other legal questions, contact the Laher Law Firm, in Tupelo, MS. Don’t wait, call us now, at (662) 841-0391.

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