ID Fraud

Identity fraud, or identity theft, has become increasing target of prosecutors in recent years. Financial institutions, consumers and prosecuting attorneys have become far more alert to signs of identity fraud, and they are quick to open an investigation. Some common types of identity fraud are:

  • False use of credit or debit cards
  • Mail theft
  • Counterfeiting
  • Forgery
  • Phishing and other cyber crimes
  • Check forgery
  • Medical identity fraud (impersonating another to obtain prescription drugs or medical care)
  • Identity cloning
  • Criminal identity fraud (posing as someone else when arrested for a crime)
  • Child identity theft (using a minor’s information for personal gain)

Identity theft may be used to fund or facilitate other crimes, such as terrorism, illegal immigration and espionage; thus, law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, can become involved early, and they treat these cases seriously. A conviction for identity fraud can result in very serious penalties-including possible jail time and hefty fines.

Laher Law Firm: Aggressive Criminal Defense

A critical element to successfully defending against charges of identity fraud is to retain an aggressive, experienced criminal defense attorney. Most individuals who face arrest for identity theft have early indications that an arrest may be imminent or that a case is under investigation. In nearly every case, involving a defense lawyer early on results in better chances that the negative consequences may be mitigated.

If you are facing an investigation for identity theft, you may retain an attorney to assist you at any time, regardless of whether charges have been filed against you. While police or investigators may not divulge this critical piece of information, you have a right to assistance from a defense attorney during any formal or informal investigation.

Attorney Robert Laher can act as your spokesperson throughout an investigation as well as appear by your side during any mandatory questioning sessions. If the circumstances present themselves, Mr. Laher may be able to resolve the investigation in your favor prior to formal charges being filed.

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