Sex and Drug Crimes

The Laher Law Firm defends those facing drug and sex crime charges in federal and state court. Examples of cases attorney Robert Laher will defend include:

  • Prescription fraud
  • Growing marijuana for personal enjoyment
  • Drug possession (cocaine, heroin, meth, crack, synthetic marijuana, marijuana)
  • Criminal conspiracy
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Sexual battery and rape

Both drug and sex crime charges are serious, and conviction can lead to severe sentences. The severity depends upon whether charges are filed in state or federal court and having an experience, aggressive and knowledgeable defense attorney.

Drug Charges

In every jurisdiction, drug charges that go beyond possession, such as manufacturing and distribution offenses, can result in mandatory minimum sentences. These mandatory minimum sentences require a judge to impose jail time regardless of health, age, family situation, work history or even the lack of a prior criminal conviction.

Sex Crimes

If you face sex crime charges, you want and need an attorney that will painstakingly pursue every defense possible. In Mississippi, these defenses include consent, lack of evidence, illegal search and seizure, and improperly obtained warrants, among others.

To maintain a level playing field and to provide clients with the highest level of aggressive representation possible, attorney Laher will work quickly to pursue every possible avenue, filing motions to dismiss the case and scrutinizing each relevant piece of evidence. Moreover, Mr. Laher will examine the procedures that law enforcement used to obtain a warrant, and will seek to discredit witnesses. The Laher Law Firm will investigate and analyze the facts of the case right from the start, working to identify each potential defense.

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If law enforcement is investigating you in relation to a drug or sex crime, time is critical. Even if no charges have been filed, you need an aggressive, experienced attorney to protect your rights. Contact Robert Laher for a confidential consultation.

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